Our Staff

Dina Hutton

  • 707-841-1288
  • dina@nawfrc.org

Dina Hutton is a founding member of Nuestra Alianza. She likes words, so she writes most of the narratives in grant requests and reports. She also enjoys teaching and has taught many of the staff and board members English and any other topic that interests the people involved with Nuestra Alianza. In fact, she and her students started Nuestra Alianza in order to teach themselves about nonprofits, data entry, budgets, curriculum, grants, bookkeeping, and community service.

Raymundo Perez

  • 707-841-7083
  • ray@nawfrc.org

Raymundo (Ray) Perez has been on the Nuestra Alianza staff since 2008. Ray loves numbers and computers and is devoted to service to the community; he does many of the jobs involving those things: free taxes, writing the number parts of budgets and reports. He also orders many of our supplies and teaches math. Negotiations are another of Ray’s skills. He spends hours and hours working with United Way to coordinate Nuestra Alianza’s tax volunteers and help train the volunteers in each year’s new rules. He also works with Migrant Education to fund the afterschool program and the summer program for children. Keeping up with the federal government’s everchanging immigration rules is also one of Ray’s skills. He communicates the changes to the Latino community as needed and helps with immigration forms. Since Ray does taxes and offers immigration services, he is in a position of trust; people come to him for help with problems they have with their children, so Ray uses his parenting training to help them. In addition, Ray signs up those who are eligible for CalFresh (food stamps). These are some of the services Ray offers.

Jaime Del Aguila

  • 707-841-7085
  • jaime@nawfrc.org

Jaime is a founding member of Nuestra Alianza. His duties are many; he’s likely to answer the office phone and help someone on the other end of the line. Jaime processes all Nuestra Alianza’s data; he puts it into our data system, and, then, he pulls it out in any demographic form we need for a grant, a report, or our own curiosity. He also controls all the flyers, brochures, pre and posttests, all the immigration forms, and any other papers we need. In addition, Jaime is an instructor – math, nutrition, diabetes prevention, driver’s tests, summer program that encompasses many topics, and parenting classes. These are some of the services Jaime offers.

Jack Baumann

Jack Baumann has worked with Nuestra Alianza staff for several years on various projects; however, he has recently taken on a more formal role. He will work on making sure the various contracts are in order and the reports get written on time, and generally help Nuestra Alianza become more organized. Jack is a retired grammar school principal with expertise in research, computer skills, working with school districts, and common sense. Nuestra Alianza believes Jack will elevate Nuestra Alianza to a new level.

Reina Brito

  • 707-354-4234
  • reinabrito1@gmail.com

Reina Brito has been a staff member of Nuestra Alianza since 2006. She started as the bookkeeper which became an ever more complicated role as Nuestra Alianza grew. Reina keeps Nuestra Alianza’s funding streams in order, paying the state and federal taxes and all the staff; she writes the checks, pays the bills. In addition, she writes the reports for mental health and CalFresh. Being a good public speaker in English is another of Reina’s skills. She also teaches in the afterschool program and the summer program, often writing her own curriculum. The afterschool program is in English, but the summer program is in Spanish. These are just some of the services Reina offers.

Dr. Ricardo Stocker

Dr. Ricardo Stocker has worked for Nuestra Alianza for eight years. For the last two years, Nuestra Alianza has had enough funding to advertise his services, to actually do outreach and let the whole community know Dr. Stocker is available to help them. He is the only person with a PhD in Psychology in Mendocino County who is a native Spanish speaker. He offers counseling to individuals and families who are suffering from stress, tension, depression, or other issues. He is very versatile and offers classes and presentations about topics such as abuse or suicide. Many people use his services and find them very helpful.

Peanut has been with Nuestra Alianza for four years as inspector. She takes her job, keeping the site mouse free, very seriously. Her services are much appreciated.

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